Dark Heart [Chapter 2] (a collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Chapter 2]

(a collab with Allie) vampire stories

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Dark Heart [Chapter 2] (a collab with Allie)

I walk up to the bar, LED lights illuminating the pale skin of my face, shining off the deep pink glitter on my eyelids. I click my tongue, sliding into a black plush chair raised off the ground by metal supports. I feel better away from the humans. Too many people in one spot makes me feel high on the urge to Hunt. My mind usually going a mile per minute.

I order a low-key beverage, crossing my long legs perfectly and sipping from the cocktail, squeezing the cherry on top. Red like blood, juice stains my fingers, and I suck it from my skin, flicking my indigo eyes at the guy from minutes ago. He ambles towards my seat, draping himself casually over the table-top beside me. My heart lurches in easy panic.

"Hey, baby. You pay yet? Cuz I'll do the honors." He says smoothly, winking one eye at me as if he's done it hundreds. I set my glass down and push it further onto the counter. "I don't want your money." I scoff, rolling my eyes. I flick my eye-linered eyes at him annoyed. Being a vampire means everyone wants to buy me a drink it seems.

"Well, if you don't want money. . ." He starts, shifting his weight to go to touch my hair. "Do you want something else?" Before he can touch me, I move fast and catch him off guard, wrapping my fingers around his wrist like talons. "Don't TOUCH me." I sneer, tipping the bar tender and leaving my seat as fast as possible without being noticed.

From the corner of my eye, I see a figure walk up to the man who has started giving chase, standing in front of him. I hear mumbling, then the man pushes the stranger, and the stranger picks up my full drink and spills it over the man. He yells profanities and the club goes silent. Every breath held in wait for what will happen. Even my very own.

I turn around, looking to see the stranger walking towards me, his eyes almost shy, but physicality says something else. He stops in front of me, running a hand through black hair like mine, though cut short and sorta wavy. Green eyes lit. "Sorry bout that." He sighs. "I'm Quitt." He smiles. I immediately like him.

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