Dark Heart [Chapter 1] ( a collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Chapter 1]

( a collab with Allie) vampires stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Part one. Ten likes per part. Remember that. Lol

Dark Heart [Chapter 1] ( a collab with Allie)

I can smell the blood, feel the thrumming of it in my victim's veins. The metallic after-taste thick upon my dark lips. I run my pretty tongue over my teeth, wiping away the red, as I drop the body from my pale and slender fingers. Then I turn on my six-inch heels, and stride from the broom closet. No one will find that body anytime soon.

My mind is hyper-active, as I join the throng of the club once again, the bodies writhing and sweating as one organism. I sway to the beat, my sharp eyes picking out the tanned surface of a nearby human's neck. Sleek and smooth. So desperately, do I want to consume their blood, though it takes everything I have not to make my move upon them.

My irises flash red as someone bumps me, staggering me from my engaged stupor, making me hiss with bared fangs. They look at me like I'm crazy, then give me the middle finger before moving away. Biting their lip mad. I go to push past someone towards my now next victim, but a human sets a hand on my shoulder. Strong and firm.

I whip my head or black hair around to glare, looking up into a pair of honey-brown eyes, brown hair falling over an eye. "Don't touch me." I sneer, pulling away aggressively, stumbling backwards in my high shoes. The guy grabs my hand and pulls me back forwards, crushing my body against his without a single word

"Relax, okay? I was just trying to make sure you didn't get hurt or something." He smiles. Perfect teeth in his grin. I touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth just behind my front teeth of a pure white, viscious fangs showing. I look completely normal, just that I have extra pointed canines. No one really cares though. They call it hot.

I smile at him, using his shoulders to pull me to his level, my lips glancing his left ear, breath short. "I don't need your help." I whisper, pulling away slowly to start walking away from the dumbstruck guy. Leaving him alone in the throng of dancing humans.

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