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A question that's eating me. Hopefully you comment. Me talking to myself. . .

A Person. . .

Have you ever met a person you feel close to? Like, mentally? Is it attachment issues? You've known them a while. . . you don't know how to feel. . . You've felt this before. But this time it seems. . . BETTER?

They're still there. Would you call it interest? A liking? Crush? Idk. . . I'll sleep on it but. . .

Are you falling? Heart softening and happy invading? It's confusing. Could you help me determine? Is it desperation? I don't think so. . . You've had other messed up things be told before and you said no. . .

So why do you say yes to THIS? It's not desperation. Does that mean it's real then? What if they're not like you? What if they don't like you? What if you say no if they say yes, and then waiting for someone else was pointless when they were right there?

Imma sleep. I hope some people answer this with advice.

- Min

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