Fantasy Of Colors
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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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A short story mixed with poetry about realization. About how things are different from reality in your head.

Fantasy Of Colors

The colorful light reflects off the magenta and blue waterfall.

The golden and burgundy rock face slick with the adhering water of the mist.

Mandy's ruby and silver streaked hair billows around her head. Her neon blue eyes staring at the sunset.

The yellow disk hazed in orange before fading to cream.

The surrounding clouds tiered and lovely. Every shade of red, pink, and purple with orange visible.

Looking down instead of up, Mandy sees the green, blue, and white sea.

The tips of the cresting waves a rich grape purple. The foam falling forward to crash upon the cliff-side.

The girl who smiles with pretty teeth of a white snow reaches above her head.

The surrounding air with an amber that of whine.

Purple like the violets along the beach of golden sand far from the waterfall.

Iridescent as the butterflies whose wings flash a bright orange in the night.

Mandy blinks her eyes.

On the second opening them again.

Waking up from a dream.

Her bedroom of neutral colors bland and lifeless compared to the dream she just came up from. Her room dark except for her equally boring moon so unlike a sunset.

Realizing that that was all it was.

A dream.

A hoax.

A fantasy of colors.

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