Brown Baby of the Mother Moon
Brown Baby of the 
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mochi filipino artist/writer/ lov a gud time
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first lil story thing- just missing the islands I've never been to/ also an intro to stuff I'll be writing about in like a soft way so yeah expect more yehaw

Brown Baby of the Mother Moon

By me

The rabble of a distance teacher slowly fades from my mind once again in class as I tread to the other thoughts again.

Once again, it found me in my mind, it engulfed me in its familiarity, the memory of a love. Warm and kind to me, yet fair and right. It called me back again and again everyday.

But it wasn't the only thing that could find me in my sleepy day dreams, as the island would gently whisper to me. They wanted me to find them again.

But how could you go back to a place you have never known. Maybe not in this life.

But you know

I have always belonged there as

her brown baby.

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