When can I go...?

  When can I go...? freedom stories

moccathunder Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
Which day should I leave when you're trapped here with me?

When can I go...?

Can I go when the morning dawns?

Or will your smile keep me locked?

Do city lights shine brighter then the twinkle in your eyes?

Or... Is the freshly fallen snow softer then your hair?

I need to get out of here, So when can I go?

The view is better from here, then from your bedroom door.

The animals here are kinder than you ever were...

The air is sweeter than your sickly scent.

When can I go, when you're trapped here with me?

A storm is coming, and when it goes I'll be gone....

... for I am free and you can never trap me... Where can I go next?

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