Lord knows.

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Look ahead

Lord knows.

Lord knows where I’ve been On the long road to nothing Coasting and wandering Thinking and thinking Going back and forth in my head

Everything but living Life is meant to be lived Embrace the sun as it comes up on a cool Sunday morning Look outside your window

The road is long and straight... There’s fog in the distance blocking any sight ahead of her

See the trees with all the green Notice the light wind brushing against the leaves Notice the woman you see jogging in unison Notice her focus The freeness in her strides

Now think about your life Look ahead of you... What you see is like fog blocking the path you so eagerly wish to pursue

Pursue it anyway. Just do it There isn’t much time...

Every day where your chosen path isn’t being been explored Is a day wasted.

Start living... Life won’t wait.

But you already knew this. Didn’t you?

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