My One Good Escape
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mms12804 Crazy is the new normal; In Love <3
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My escape is you and always will be

My One Good Escape

I can’t escape my problems

I try and try again

But nothing.

Then I see you

And it’s like there’s not a problem in my world.

You make me forget that I’m hurting

You make me forget that I need help

And you remind me that there is good in this world.

You are the good.

Whether you believe it or not.

You can make me feel that nothing’s impossible

Just by the look in your eyes when you say I can

Instead of my head saying I can’t.

Most say the best escape is music.

I believed that for a long time,

Then you waltzed into my life,

Like you were meant to be there the entire time.

And you are

And always will be.

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