Last week a LOT of snow came to Louisville
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I headed out to get some sundry items from the Kroger and then race to make a meeting. But fate had a different plan in mind....

Last week a LOT of snow came to Louisville

Louisville doesn't always handle snowstorms gracefully. But I had to go to the grocery store anyway.


I had a list. I knew that store like the back of my hand.

Nailed the zucchini, got the best 7 they had left. I was scoring all sorts of deals along my route through the aisles. My cart was getting a little full even.

My Grocery Shopping Strategy

I tackle the store clockwise, around the periphery with the cart, and I leave the cart at the end caps, and walk up the aisle to get whatever I need.

T-Minus​ 5 minutes until I'm outta there

I had a lot of stuff, and was wrapping it up, coming around to the front to find an open register.

I Forgot The Eggs.

Leave cart at front, and go back to grab a carton of eggs.

I return, eggs in hand, and my cart's gone.

No way am I going to let my buggy of carefully-chosen food items disappear. The hunt begins.

I set out on a serpentine​ pattern up and down the aisles.

It's hard not to look weird going around looking in everyone's grocery carts.

I Located the Perp. An old lady who thought it was her buggy

I explained she had inadvertently run off with my cart. She was apologetic and bewildered.

I finished my shopping, and made it to the meeting on time.

The sweet smell of success.

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Awwww what a story!!!! Btw, there were a few extra slides in there, not sure if it was intentional. If you go to you can edit them out. Loving it!!!