Unintentional Lie
Unintentional Lie lies-2018 stories

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The unintentional lie.

Unintentional Lie

It was a very normal day when it started, a normal home with the common structure. That very day my life changed based on the series of the most unfortunate.

I was only a kid back then, had a lot to learn from life itself, not knowing the harsh reality of people not knowing to divide good from bad in a conscious way.

That very day as all the kids I was invited to play out with my friends and as we all know the desire was admittedly high enough. I remember everything about that day such as the weather, the joy of the moment, the hate and the permanent pain caused.

After the invitation followed my desire and request to go; but my mother was strict and did disagree on having me go as she explained that harm could come to me due to the weather. As a young and non conscious kid I was so mad until the point that I got my jacket and told my mother that I hate her for not wanting me to have fun as I was running through the door on the way out with full rage on mind and speed on legs.

As I was running with fury and speed on both legs and mind serving myself the thought of being free of finally having fun, it was that moment that my mom screamed my name from the back. That moment which ended in her getting hit by a car due to her focus being blurred by that lie of mine, by that single line of lie which resulted to the death of her instantly. I remember that everything went blurry on my mind and low speed as i was running back to her crying and shocked.

Endless of pain, endless of discussion of suffering continued to grow after that one single line of lie, after that phrase which caused the chain reaction to the death of her.Asking my self night and day "Was it worth it ?" Blame was my companion hate was my friend and regret was my only vision followed along with the slow moment of tragedy. This is the unfortunate story of unintentional lie, I can only learn from it and beg you to do the same.

To all the readers, this was purely created and fiction by my side, but with a lesson on it. Hope you did enjoy it !

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