Alone in my Silence
Alone in my Silence alone stories

mjpaul You Don't Know Me.
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Alone in my Silence

There I sat alone in silence Wishing someone would for once help me fight this But it's useless Nobody ever helps

Some days I cry myself to sleep I don't know what else to say The voices in my head won't stop screaming The joints in my legs won't stop screeching

And even in silence my body is the loudest thing I hear Nobody knows They would never understand You think you would but I doubt it

I don't have any friends Because they never help They'd drag me to a party I don't want to be in And then I feel out of place

Even in the midst of a crowd I still feel alone I always say You can be alone but not be lonely and you can feel lonely even when you're not alone. And it's true

Maybe one day I'll outgrow this But I highly doubt it Maybe one day I'll find peace Cause Lord knows I need it.

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