The Connected Now.
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Thoughts from meditation on the beautiful and strange mystery of existence.

The Connected Now.

How strange, I thought…

I understand that now is all we are promised. I am learning to appreciate the present. I am practicing living in the moment.

And yet…

One day I will look back on this time, in just the same way that I do now my childhood. I will reflect on these moments, and try my best to recall what it felt like it.

What I chose to do with my youth, with my life and time, and how I chose to spend it. To remember what it was to feel existence. To appreciate the all-encompassing negative space we call the passing of time

To relive a different now, while still appreciating the current now. And so I guess “past” and “future”

Are really just different names for the connected now. Now is, was, and, will be.

And then it struck me: try as we might, one life really is not enough

To learn To love To explore To create To appreciate To transcend To comprehend

To live.

Is there more? The eternal question. And none will know for sure, until




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