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mjkemp91 I like to create and inspire.
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Playing around with rhythm and rhyming.


Taking time, but I'm taking time away from the time I should be taking And if it works like they say love does, then the time I'm taking should directly correlate to the time I'm--

But am I making a change? Or is it just the gears of my mind humming? I knew I should have left his place as soon as I hit the ground running

I try, and it's a misfire It's just a premonition, but its prehensile (Ready to jump, but this is just a test)

Then you open your mouth to speak and every song around me falters I glitch out, time and time again and I can't remember where my mind's at again, and where I'm hitched

What it means to be tethered. And further, what it means once that cord is severed

If only every event meant as much as this, or felt as good as this fair weather

And if only every moment felt just a little bit more like forever.

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