My Greatest Enemy.
My Greatest Enemy. negative stories

mjkemp91 I like to create and inspire.
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Sometimes the greatest threat is ourselves.

My Greatest Enemy.

“Someone should really do something about that”, I thought. And then I felt an extra arm grow and smack me with an outstretched hand.

It was when I truly felt content: walking while appreciating the beauty of my silent, private existence that I felt an extra leg sprout and trip me.

Truly appreciating the success of my friends, I was ready to give selfless words of affirmation when my second set of teeth bit my tongue out of pride.

I awoke with a new sense of contentment, but then the gaze of my third eye made my vision too blurry to see.

There was no shortage of words of encouragement around me, but an extra ear made deciphering them as more than noise impossible.

And it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror,

that I realized the monster I had truly become.

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