Blood & Water.
Blood & Water. sister stories

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Blood. Water.

Which is thicker?

You have been fed a false dichotomy your entire life.

Blood & Water.

Blood. Water. Which is thicker?

You have been fed a false dichotomy your entire life. The question is framed wrong entirely.

Blood: a pretense. An undeniable connection, but a superficial one.

Water: essential for life, but thin. Lacking in substance.

The truth is, History is what gives thickness to friendship. To family. Sisterhood. Companionship. Partnership: call it what you may, it is all love.

The space between two loved ones together is filled with History. The air around them is dense with it. The smoke—remnants of the obstacles they have overcome together.

You can fill an ocean with the History between them. To wade through and be reminded of the patience, loyalty, and dedication that has bound and defined them.

The growth. The memories. They are living History.

They will be each others’ reference: their constant. The natural world may change. Landscapes and tectonic plates will shift. The tides will rise and fall.

Emotional battlefields will leave scars and create new frontiers. Many battles will be fought alone. They will set out cautiously into the dark night, unsure of when dawn will break.

And yet, we are who we are because of our loved ones. We are the product of everyone we know. We exist in relation to them, and them to us.

We are interdimensional mirrors. We reflect what is shown to us, and project what we contain. We make thought reality.

Blood. Water.

They explain the origin, but the question is irrelevant. The comparison is futile.

Have you gone through the fire with me—have we been molded and shaped by it? Would you go to hell and back with me? Have we never given up on each other? Do we encourage? Inspire? Critique?

Comfort? Define?

Then you are my brother. You are my sister. You are my partner. You are my lover. You are my friend.

You are a part of me.

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