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My blinds hit the window pane.

Once more.


Eyes still shut, I curl up into a fetal position and rub my feet together under my blue duvet.

"I must've left the window open." I thought to myself.

They continue to crash onto the window pane, seemingly growing in volume.

Along with the volume came the vicious wind from the outdoors. It ripped through the window screen and ran tirelessly around my ceiling.

Then without permission, the lingering wind creaks my door open and has the audacity to leave it ajar.

It annoyingly tapped my shoulder with a sinister smile on its face, begging me to turn around just to see how annoyed I'd be.

My damp back remains towards the door, not caving in to what the wind wants.

Unsuccessful, the wind whistled discordantly.

It called over the cold to wreck more havoc.

It wasn't as frantic as the wind; it was quiet and lacked expression but it was just as evil.

I hear it slither around my bed, enjoying itself without a grin, as it sips at my fear from a distance.

I feel it enter my sheets from the bottom of my bed. It intertwines between each toe, trying to claim my feet.

It glides up my calves, then my buttocks, and finally my sweating lower back.

It stares with greed at the helpless perspiration on my back, and pierces my dermis without any remorse in its eyes.

Struck by the numbing cold, I fail to break out a shriek.

Who knew something so violent can be so silent.

I shut my eyes even harder, fearing the sight of what I've heard and felt throughout this night.

It gets darker the harder I try to shut my eyes. A darkness that echoes emptiness.

I felt like I've sunken deeper into my bed, where nothing can reach me anymore.

I can hear the air come in and out of my nostrils. I can feel my heart panting from running too fast. I can taste the bruises on my skin.

But I like it down here. There is nothing here but me and that soothes me.

It'll be better down here.

Who knew something resembling the void would feel so comfortable.

Rest, I've been waiting for you.

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