Sweet Dreams
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mj98Just posting my thought poetry :)
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I love you with all that I am, all that I have, all of my heart.

Sweet Dreams

You’re asleep and I know what peace is.

Your chest slowly rising and falling, as gently as the snow floats to the ground.

Your eyelids lightly fluttering, and I send you every wish in my bones that you’re dreaming only the best of your dreams.

Your face, tan and swept with raven hair. The perfect balance of soft cheeks and sharp jawline.

You’re asleep and I know what happiness is.

Feeling you in the room, completely silent, but I don’t feel the silence. I just feel you.

The T.V. in the background as I do the dishes, and I feel guilty with every clink that makes you shift, but each time gives me another chance to glance your way and admire you.

You’re asleep and I know what love is.

Love is having you near me and seeing you like I have never looked at any one before.

Love is falling for you in new ways every day,

when you cook, clean, surprise me in ways I never imagined, make me laugh until my sides hurt.

Love is seeing you sleep peacefully and feel like time has slowed and I could save this moment forever.

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