Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield
Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield vampire stories

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This is a Vampire Todoroki story; I got the idea from a fanfiction I read and mixed them up! The fanfiction is called The Curse of the Vampire and the other one I can't remember, sorry.


Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield

You were walking in the woods and hear a noise, like a stick cracked. "W-who's there?!", Y/N said.

You turn around and start running and bump into a 5'9" (you're 5'5" in this story) person with his hair perfectly split in half; half white, half crimson. The same thing with his eyes...

It seems he has heterochromia; turquoise on his left eye, dark grey on his right eye. "Hello", the person said. "W-who are y-you?", Y/N said frightened. "I'm Shoto Todoroki...

Come with me", Todoroki said, putting his hand out towards you. "I-I'm not c-coming with you." Y/N said. "You have to come with me, I have to protect you...", Todoroki said.

"HA?! P-protect me? From what? Most importantly, from who?!" Y/N said desperately. "If you come with me, I'll explain. I have to protect you...

You could get killed if you don't come with me", Todoroki said, you could see in his eyes that he wasn't being a liar, he was telling the truth. "Well...

Okay then", you muttered; you took his hand and he led you to a huge mansion... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS?! He showed you inside the mansion and gave you a tour around it.

While you were touring around, you saw a spiky-haired blonde (Katsuki Bakugou). He was looking at you weirdly.... HUNGRY weirdly. Todoroki showed you your room. You were impressed of how big it was. "I'll tell you why I have to protect you... There are vampire villains out there and he wants to capture you." Todoroki said, sounding serious.

"What?! Are you a VAMPIRE?!", you said with a WTF face. "No wonder that guy was looking at me weirdly HUNGRY", you muttered. "Yes... Well, the one that wants to capture you is very strong.",Todoroki said. "That's why I have to protect you. {TIMESKIP} The next 3 days, you were bored in the room that Todoroki gave you. So you decided to go outside and tour a bit more.

When you opened the door, you got startled by the person that was standing outside the door... Waiting for you to TRY and get out of the room....


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