Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 32
Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 32 vampire villain stories

mizukiashni_16 Chuuya kinnie
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We would protect her... No matter what...

(Also, a specific part like on the 5th or 6th slide, plz do not read that the dirty ass minded way)

Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 32

🔥Todoroki POV❄️ I would always protect her and never let her get hurt... Always... 🌞~~~TIMESKIP (around an hour)~~~🌛 🔥Todoroki POV❄️ We were still fighting this vampire villain...

The vampire villain was very strong, if it were only one of us going against him, he would defeat them in less than 20 minutes. But, since it's more than 10 of us, he's taking longer to try and defeat us. But, we would try and defeat him first. 💙Y/N POV🤍 It had been around an hour and you were worried...

You were worried about Todoroki. You were even more worried about him that ever before. You didn't know if he and the other vampires would actually be able to defeat this villain. It had been more than 3 battles and neither of those battles were won by the vampires. Which left you thinking...

Who was going to win this battle now?

Were you going to have to leave because the vampire villain would always come to the mansion to capture you? You didn't want Todoroki or any of the other vampires to be in danger because of this vampire villain dude who wants you for God knows what. Todoroki had kinda told you why the vampire villain wanted you. It was your scent and blood.

You wondered why the vampire villain wanted you from a lot of other people that there was. Maybe your blood and scent was special. Maybe it smelled different from others' scent. But, it seemed yours was different... It didn't just attract vampires, it attracted the werewolves that time you got captured by them. So, that meant one thing.... It wasn't just attracting this vampire villain...

It was most likely attracting other vampires apart from the villain. Which meant another thing... If this was true that other vampire villains were following your scent and trying to find you, you'd most likely be in even more danger than all this whole entire time. But, you couldn't start thinking about this now. Todoroki was literally fighting for your life right now and you were thinking about other worst case scenarios.

But now, you just wanted to be with Todoroki and know that nothing else will happen. For now... You had to wait and see what would happen after this battle was over... To be continued...

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