The Bubble By @miyasmind
The Bubble By @miyasmind feelings stories

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Leave me alone vs. being left alone.

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The Bubble By @miyasmind

Sometimes, I feel like I live in a bubble. As if things are happening around me, but nobody seems to notice, because the bubble conceals it.

So I walk and walk and walk, and every single person surrounding me dodges me, subconsciously keeping their distance.

I think that they can't see the bubble. But what if they know about it? There's a possibility that they do.

Maybe they got so used to seeing it, that they don't even take notice of it anymore, just like the nose in their face, for example. Or they simply just don't care.

I don't know now and I much likely never will.

So I have to continue living in that bubble. Crying and crying and crying. Until I drown in my own tears. But what if I don't quit crying underwater, will the bubble explode?

What if I don't cry at all, will I explode trying to bottle up my thoughts and feelings instead?

I don't know now and I much likely never will.

But I've got to admit that I'm secretly in love with my bubble. This is my safe haven. My comfort zone.

Am I really willing to risk losing it just to get a taste of the outside world, where life actually happens?

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