“Look, She's Underwater Again.“ By @miyasmind
“Look, She's Underwater Again.“ 
By @miyasmind beautiful stories

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“Look, she's underwater again,“ - This is my writing for the Underwater Contest, enjoy reading!

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“Look, She's Underwater Again.“ By @miyasmind

A/N: Hi there! This is what I wrote for the Underwater Contest. The prompt was to interpret the picture of the girl under water (closer look on next slide). It'd make me unbelievably happy if you showed me some love by supporting this story (like, comment, share)! I hope it's not too much to ask for. Thank you in advance and most importantly, enjoy reading! 💘

“Look, she's underwater again,“ people whispered to each other from distance, curious fingers pointed to her direction.

Their murmuring became more and more inaudible as the water embraced her, pulled her deeper into its mysterious realms.

She was now fully enveloped by the smooth liquid, providing her with a certain safety that she found unnaturally satisfying.

She'd never felt this much comfort at once. Not at any other place. She felt like she had woken up from a deep slumber that lasted an eternity. Like this was what she was waiting for, all this miserable time.

She's never sighted such untroubled grace before. At this moment, she felt alive.

Alive, without the burden of having to deal with the duties that came with it. Being embraced like this, held, but also let loose, was like blue heavens to her.

Necessities, desires, needs, and wishes were put aside as she turned to have her back facing the ground, spreading her light arms like a butterfly that just escaped from its cocoon.

She had all that she wished, all that she wants and will ever need at this moment. This very moment of pearl white bliss, of inner peace.

The imaginary leash she felt tied to slowly evaporated and instantly intertwined with the water's structure. It was like it was never there, never existed before, apparently carried away by the soft movements of the water.

Just like a mirage in an abandoned desert that would pass as soon as she cooled down. Just like she'd hoped.

Impeccable, pristine, astonishing. She was intrigued by the instant relaxation that came with being in this state, yet so unbelievably calm.

People were watching her in awe, admiring her almost still figure, so at peace. Their chatter not so indistinct anymore.

Though she knew that she had to return soon, so she took one last swim around this divine site to fully savour it. Before she resurfaced.

This particular change of scenery set her mind free. It was tragically beautiful.

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