Flight, Don't Fight By @miyasmind
Flight, Don't Fight 
By @miyasmind down stories

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About finally breaking the silence but then being rejected and judged for it.

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Flight, Don't Fight By @miyasmind

A/N: This is not some advice you should take seriously. This is just supposed to show you how certain (re)actions affect people and in what ways they do. I'm just trying to convey a message.

"Yes, I was sad!" A exclaimed, very frustrated.

B: "No, you weren't. I couldn't see it in your face. You were so calm about all of this."

A: "You can't always see a person's emotions in their face. Or thoughts."

B: "I know you too well to not see it."

A: "Oh, yeah? Then why did C notice? Why did C immediately know how I felt?"

B: "Because you tell C everything and never tell me anything. You trust C although I'm the one you should trust."

A sighs heavily. There's nothing but complete silence for a moment.

B: "You can be honest with me. You know you can. Show me what you feel."

A then started explaining B why he/she felt the way he/she felt. But he/she only managed to say a few words before B cut in.

B: "Ugh, don't you cry now. Stop it. Here we go again with the lies, it's always been that way. You're crazy."

And A stopped crying. But not only the crying, also the explaining stopped. And the small glimmer of hope he/she saved only for special moments evaporated.

Since then, A genuinely regretted almost letting down his/her guard completely and promised himself/herself to never ever do it again..

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