Mysterious love
Mysterious love  stories

mitchianiloreidCommunity member
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Poem on love

Mysterious love

Why does love always come as a mystery?

I sit up on my bed thinking, “Is he even missing me?”

I think to myself, is this even real? Or is that just how I wanna feel?

The thing about love is, you never know when it’s a lie

Love can come in as a beautiful disguise

The rose came with thorns and all I could think was, love is a tradgedy and love is pure brutality

I forgot that even the most beautiful things come with imperfections

I just had to take out the thorns to make true connections

To truly find what you’re looking for, you have to dig deep into the surface

You can’t take one look at the flaws and think they have no purpose

If it was truly not meant to be...

You will know and they shall see 🌹🥀

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