Voices (part 1)
Voices (part 1)  stupid stories

mitchel"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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I can’t hear my own thoughts anymore.

Voices (part 1)

I packed all my things together while I heard Tobias talking. “Gosh..I’m so tired now this teacher should rather read bedtime stories than lectures.”

He laughs and we went outside the room ready for our next reading.

Josh told a joke while we were walking down the hall but I wasn’t listening. They were way too loud.

You ask who? I mean the voices inside my head.

Sometimes they are screaming that loud I sink together, other times it’s just a whisper. They tell me that I will never make it to anything, that I’m a looser and I will ever be.

“Lydia?” I heard Joshs voice muted, the voices were too loud once again. “Hmm?” I mumbled. “You didn’t get it, right?” He laughed like the others.

“Oh Lydia, alright we will explain it for you” Tobias said “but it’s not that funny when we explain it every time!” Avery complained. “It’s ok guys” I chuckled and entered the room...

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