Poisonous  victim stories

mitchel"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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Daily life struggle.


by mitchel

"Well Ms.." the old lady asked "Dorner, Allison Dorner." I finished her sentence. "Alright, Ms. Dorner, would you mind tell me a little bit about you?" She asked but I didn't respond.

"Allison, your parents pay for that time when you're with me. Let's make the best out of it?" She tried again "My parents don't understand, like nobody else." I said coldly. She had a nice office

With lots of pictures of her with some other people. "So you want to sit here and just..wait till the time's over?" I looked over and nodded cause she got the point. I would clap my hands for her

But basically every bone in my body hurts. "Who did that to you? " she asked. It seems like she just noticed my injures "why shall I tell you that?" With rapt attention I waited for her answer.

"Well, may be cause I'm your therapist" she answered. Not good enough I thought. "Allison, everybody is worried about you. Won't you please tell me what's going on?" Better.

"There aren't even words for 'what's going on'" I said. Now I surprised her "Than try to describe it please." She continued. I tried to make a ponytail and noticed the pain in every bone again.

It's quite simple I'm not one of the cool kids in high school, more likely I'm the complete opposite of them. That's why my life sucks and every bone in my entire body hurts now , it feels like..

Poison which floats in my veins. It makes its way through my body and kills every spark of hope or happiness. I feel empty. And that's the main reason why I'm sitting here in a therapists office.

You have to know, I'm not the thinnest girl around so that's the reason why every 'cool kid' hates me I'm not like them and that's a great chance.

For them. Not for me. They always keep saying stuff like "no you can't sit with us, we have an image to lose" or "can't she just be in someone else's team? She's fat!"

But that were just the 'good' things they have to say about me, I don't want to talk about the rest. In general we can say that I have a tough life. Mum thinks that everything will be fine..

In Time. But that doesn't help me.. neither this therapist do. "You're bullied in school am I right?" She asked "define 'bullied'" I countered. She considered about what she's going to answer.

"You know, the typical things like being the outsider, feeling trapped, being afraid of some special pupils cause they already done worse things to you...how close am I?" She asked

And I was laughing, laughing at the things she just said. If it only were these things which were done to me it would be heaven compared to what I've been through..

"Why you're laughing Allison?" She asked astonished. But I kept on laughing "I want to know what you think, why are you laughing?" She asked again.

I leaned forward and smirked "oh dear, if you could read my mind, you'd be in tears."

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