His Rose
His Rose 

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mitchel"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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Just a happy little story full of pain and desperation:)

His Rose

“Don’t you dare put your hands on her! You’ll never get her” Soma screamed while I was quietly watching the scene in front of me. “Come on Soma! Show me your anger” Malum provoked.

Silent tears run over my cheek and I felt afraid. Soma made a few steps towards and grabbed him by the collar.

“You want to see my anger? Fine, I think I can arrange that for you Bastard!” He whispered grudgingly. Soma threw him across the room and Malum landed rudely on some cardboard boxes.

But not enough, Soma made some fast steps towards him again and dragged him to the window. “We’ll find out if you still wanna see it if I would throw you outside the window” he threatened him.

Just a small smirk appeared on Malums face as he turned his head into my direction. I was still crying about this whole damn situation.

I just didn’t get it! ‘Why does he provoke Soma so much and doesn’t even try to hit him back though he has the power to?!’ I thought to myself. There must be something I didn’t recognized yet.

„So this is all? You’ve got nothing to say?“ I heard Soma asking. Malum was smirking again. „Of course, if you insist, I can’t refuse your dare“ Soma looked angrily at him.

“I thought you’d kill me with more brutality, Soma.“ he gasped. Somas face darkened and he grabbed him harder. “I mean, for someone..who was watching..like..

like life faded away as you killed him..“ he gasped harder. Soma was absolutely mad with anger! “You fucking asshole!” He screamed and threw him against the wall behind them.

Malum struggled for air and Soma prepared himself for his next hit. At this point, everything around me freezes.

I just can’t stand it anymore! I thought I have changed but sadly I had to be honest with myself. I was still the shy and stupid little girl that runs away if anything gets too serious.

I don’t wanted to be just an observer while the others are playing the game! I wanted to be the one who decides about the ending, who is actually a part of it!

Suddenly I screamed with every fiber in my body. “Soma stop it!” Both of them were looking at me. One of them curiously and the other one was simply smiling.

“Stop it, please! Don’t you see the parallel lines? Everything started with revenge and now your just about to do the same mistake again!” I tried to make him understand.

Soma looked deranged while Malum smiled confident of victory. He left Malum back falling against the wall and took a few steps towards me as he hugged me. “You’re right..you’re so damn right Rose.

Come on, we’ll leave now.” He said softly and pushed me slightly towards the wooden door. “Is that all you’ve got Soma?!” We heard Malum yelling. Soma just stopped and turned around.

Within seconds he stood right in front of Malum again. He slapped him hardly. Everything was quite just Malums heavy gasps were audible. “No. But now that’s everything I’ve got for you.

You’re not worth any more effort. Rose is right, revenge is the wrong way to handle this.” He said and Malum was starting to laugh madly. “Finally!” He yelled.

“Finally you’ve got it!” He mumbled. Soma was raising his eyebrows and I smiled sadly as I saw how his body got more invisible step by step.

“What the?! What do you mean with ‘finally’? And what’s even going on here?!” He screamed wrought up. “Congratulations Soma, you finally get your salvation” Malum groaned with pain.

“What?!..but..but not now! Now that I finally found Rose!” Soma stuttered desperately. “Stop it! Make it stop!!” He yelled at him but Malum just slightly smirked.

“I guess you know as well as I do that this is impossible.” He answered. “No!..” Soma whispered as he turned around and pulled me closer.

He was almost gone so he couldn’t hold me tight anymore. “Soma! Listen to me, I’m happy for you, this is what you were waiting for so long! You can be with your family again.

You can be free! Please promise me to be glad and thankful! We’ll see each other again some day, I promise! But for now you have to go..” I stammered in tears.

I pulled his face closer as I kissed him. Probably for the last time ever. “I’ll wait for you Rose and if it will take forever.” He whispered. “ I know” I gasped. “I love you.”

He aspirated before he completely vanished. Exhausted I sunk to the ground and touched my lips that a few moments ago were kissed by Soma. I started crying. I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

I didn’t have to be strong anymore. “That’s it. This was exactly what you wanted, or not?” Malum whispered still heavily breathing. “Yes..but I wish I’ve had more time..” I answered.

“You knew about my plan, didnt you?” He painfully smirked as I nodded. “Oh I will never understand you good hearted people. So altruistic” he laughed. “You knew you would lost him..

never the less you pushed him into that direction without thinking about your own interests.” He continued. “I’m impressed Rose..I wish we’ve met earlier..god I would have done anything for you..”

he finished sadly as I saw him getting more and more invisible too. “Malum! What’s happening here?! Why are you dissolving too?” I screamed. “No, you can’t leave me too! Please!” I cried.

“Don’t worry darling, my time here’s up.” He said while he put a last cigarette between his lips.

“But why? I thought you escaped the spirit world? You’re not even able to die!” I screamed desperately. “No, even I can still find my salvation though I didn’t earned it..” he whispered.

“But how?” I aspirated crying. “No trade-off darling.” He whispered as now his body vanished completely too. It took me a couple of weeks to understand what Malums last words meant.

But I think I finally get it. He deserved salvation for warranting Soma his deliverance without claiming something for his help like he actually said to the very beginning.

Yes, now I’ve got it..

“No trade-off, darling..”

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