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mitchel"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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by mitchel

Nervously I stood in the corridor talking with Ava. She told me something about her crush Thomas but I wasn't really listening..cause I've been watched..

Watched by the guy I was most afraid of. He's exactly the type of guy you compare to a typical bad boy. Smoking. Drinking. Being mean in general. And now he's watching me..

"Rose? Are you even listening?" Ava complained and snapped with her fingers "hmm? Yeah some stuff about Thomas" I answered lost in my thoughts. Why he's watching me? What is he planning?

What are his thoughts? All these questions are running through my mind. I didn't take my eyes of him and so did he. We were just standing there. At the corridor and stared at each other mutually

I saw him starting to walk towards heart begun to race faster and faster with every step he came closer. I bite my lip and couldn't stand this feeling anymore..he was almost there..

Almost in front of me. "Follow me Rose." He whispered as he passed me. I was stunned. Shall I follow him? Shall I risk it? "Rose? What was that?!" Ava asked astonished but I ignored her

And started walking. I was looking for him in every corner but I just couldn't find him as I suddenly was pulled into an empty classroom. "Nicely you have found time for me." He smirked.

"So the reason why we're here now is..that I have to ask you something" he said unsure. Thousands of thoughts were spinning around and I just didn't know what to respond so I just stayed silent.

" you know for sure..homecoming is only a week away" he stammered and continued talking "And..I wanted to ask you if you've already got a date for that evening?" He concluded.

I couldn't believe it. He's asking me out, or not? Me? What the hell he smoked? " I've got no one..I didn't even want to go to homecoming, you know?" I murmured . He looked surprised

About my words that made me think about his intentions and what he could expect from this conversation. "What if I would ask you to be my date?" He smirked again "you ask me?" I asked curiously.

"Yes! Why not? Don't you wanna be my date?" He asked played sadly "No..its just..are you serious?" I responded nervously"yeah for sure!..well I'll be there at eight. Be ready punctual please."

He said as he sneaked out the room and left me alone with my chaotic thoughts. Was that real? Was he serious? Could I believe him? He was mean to me, for years and now he just changed his..

opinion? That sounded weird. I had to talk to Ava..she would know what to do..hopefully.

One week later

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a long wine-colored dress and did my make up. It was nearly eight and I was ready. Ready for him. Ava just persuaded me to give it a try so..

here I was waiting outside the house. Only a minute left..I heard a car driving in the distance. Faster than I realized, he stood right in front of me "Are you ready?" He asked "sure." I said.

We arrived and at the entrance was a photographer. He made pictures of every couple who entered. It went good so far..he brought drinks and was nice to me. Than the DJ played a slow song..

for the couples, he said. I wasn't paying attention and took a sip of my drink as suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me softly to the middle of the dance floor "what you're doing?"

"I'm dancing with you,?" He said while he was leading us thorough the dance. I was overwhelmed. The biggest bad boy ever was dancing softly with me. That was a dream..or not? Right after

the dance I had to go to the toilet, I had a lot of drinks you know. I opened the door to step out of the bathroom and searched 'my date'. I was walking around and finally I found him talking..

talking to Scott."I can't believe it you almost won the bet bro! Now you just have to make her kiss you" he laughed "That won't be a problem I guess..she's almost fallen for me man" he smirked .

I heard enough..I knew it! This!..entirely everything he said was a lie. I felt my heart cracking a little bit and hot tears were running down my cheeks. I turned around and run. Just run.

Just wanted to be home now, to cancel this evening out of my memory! I reached the campus and heard steps behind me and myself trying to keep my tears from falling. "Rose! Stop please!" I heard

I turned around and was face to face with him, alone. "How could you do this to me?! What have I ever done to you that you hate me so much?!" I screamed "I don't hate you was just a bet"

"Just a bet?!" I yelled "I thought it would be a win win situation..I win the bet and you would have a nice evening, that's all." He stammered. "Oh..sure you did me a favour, thank you so much!"

I shouted. "I'm sorry! It wasnt planed that you hear this conversation with Scott.." he whispered "Oh, now it's also my fault?!" I asked outraged

"congratulations my dear,you broke another girls heart I hope it was worth it!"I said coldly and continued "But I guess that doesn't bother you anyway right? Cause you're a bad boy." I whispered

I left him alone and made my way back home. I didn't look back I just walked away. The day after I saw dad reading the newspaper and swallowed hard as I saw the headline..

"Dead body found in the east river" and as I took a look at a photo of the 'body' I was in tears..

It was him.

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