Cosmic Encounters at Wright State University

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Cosmic Encounters at Wright State University

by Mitch Centers

I've always been a bright-eyed idealist...

...and a lover of astronomy.

One day...

Wright State's guest lecturer series brought in one of the few people I admired.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Moreover, I would get to work with him!

I was going to be the sole videographer for the event, and would have the chance to meet him beforehand.

So I made sure to meet him.

Behind the curtains, I saw the man in the flesh.

I approached with great determination.

I would meet this man. I would shake his hand. I would become his B.F.F.

He spun around, I wiped the goofy grin off my face.

I offered my hand.

His hand reciprocated.

He was a dead fish!

Worry drained emotion from my head.

Despite only a brief encounter, explaining my job, he seemed uninterested and annoyed. It had to be something I did!

I sulked back to my camera.

The show went on.

He began his lecture.

My camera feed went to a giant screen behind him.

I kept pouring over the events in my head.

Surely I displeased him.

But then he noticed himself on the screen.

His image mirrored on backwards as the camera caught the screen in its frame. His body duplicated to infinity. He waved to himself, and the screen waved back over and over.

He looked at me.

It could only be me from across the hall.


I then knew we couldn't have time to talk.

But a single moment became a long memory.

To me, we were B.F.F.'s

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