La Vie en Rose?
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La Vie en Rose?

The day shifts to night

And your eyes blink twice

You turn to face me on our shared pillow

And you say five words

Why do you love me?

I am taken aback by your honesty

Your thumb brushes my arm in anticipation

I stutter and say I love you because I just do

I can tell that my answer doesn't please you

That you want more from me

I shift uncomfortably in the sheets

You furrow your brow and ask me again

Why do you love me?

How come you don't ask me why the grass is green

Or why birds chirp in the morning

But you ask me why I love you

I love you because I just do

I know because

When you hold me

It feels like home

When we are together

I am me

I love you

Because with you, I am set free

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