Good Sir
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misunderstood Stayin Alive
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Just a short bit from a longer story

Good Sir

"I said no to you, good sir!"

"Who’s that good sir you speak of? Which way did he go?"

"I said you good sir, I don’t mean to cause a stir, but I simply want to ask you a question."

"Well, ask away, my friend, and I don’t mean to offend but, you shouldn't call me 'good' if you don’t know me. See, you called me good but you haven't understood that good is not how they see me.

They don’t see me as nice, they don’t see me as kind, I’m evil, I’m rich, and I’m angry.

So, call me 'good sir' if you want to cause a stir. You heard it here first, in this very verse that I don't want to be, nor will anyone ever see me as a 'good sir.'"

"Excuse me, I just wanted to know the time."


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