❝ To Be In Love ❞
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To Be In Love There comes a time

❝ To Be In Love ❞

There comes a time

I feel bright and true

Like flowers bloom

As the sun shine up above

To be in love

There's no age

There's no limit

But there's change

To be in love

You're wholeheartedly inspired

Do the things the you like

Be with person you care the most

To be in love

It's not being perfect

For love itself commits

Is omitting the imperfection

To be deeply in love

You swear your whole life

Right now and right then

Where infinite dreams live

To be madly in love

With the man you love

Who gives you courage

In this infinite troubles of life.

And with no doubts but trust

The one who makes you believe.

To Be In Love A poem by MistyPoppie 🥀

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