You're Mine – Part 1 of 7 (Lisa POV)
You're Mine – Part 1 of 7 (Lisa POV) fiction stories

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FINALLY!!! Another part :P

You're Mine – Part 1 of 7 (Lisa POV)

"Can I go explore the ship?" I asked my mom, begging her a little. "Fine. But come back in 30 minutes, alright? Check your watch. "Okie! I'm off." I skipped down to the lift lobby. The glass lifts overlooked the main bar, and it was pretty exciting to go down.

Then I noticed there was a girl roaming around the bar. Oh no...It was the same girl who I accidentally fell into. I was just reaching ground floor, and she spotted me. I tried pressing the lift buttons as fast as I could. I was going to the 9th floor! She saw what I pressed, grinned and ran to the stairs.

I couldn't exactly stop the lift, so I panicked. This hot girl with the shiniest (is that how you spell it) black hair and–not the point. I gave in and walked out on the ninth floor. She was waiting for me!!! "Hey, I'm Amy!" She held out her hand. Oh. So she wasn't mad at me.

"Hey." I said awkwardly, a bit too fast. "Uh, I'm, Lisa." WHY IS EVERYONE SO HOT. I tried to get my thoughts straight. "Cool! I've been on this ship before, want me to show you around?" She asked. I nodded, I'm not the best at speaking I guess...

She grabbed my arm and dragged me around the deck. "There's the buffet, and there's the indoor pool, here's the outdoor pool, and over here you have the outdoor bar. Wanna buy a drink?" Amy spoke really fast. "A drink?! With alcohol?!" I was taken aback. "No, silly! A mocktail."

"What's that?" I tilted my head. "An alcoholic-free drink." Amy shrugged. "I personally love the fruit punch." "Sure, I could try it too." I chuckled. "Let me order." She walked up to the bar. And high-fived the bartender. Well, she did say she'd been here before.

She came back and we exchanged facts about ourselves. I was 14, she was 13. From Korea and France, and I was from Norway, but raised in America. Eventually we came to the talk of crushes. "I've never really had any, all the boys are DISGUSTING. And I have thought about girls, but isn't that like taboo?" Amy said.

"Oh, no it's not?" I shrugged. "Do you like, pick out people to be crushes. Like, you don't like them actually, you just choose them to whisper to your friends?" "Um...isn't that what a crush is?" Amy was a little confused. I tried to explain to her what a crush felt like. She looked a bit shocked, actually. I didn't ask why.

"ANYway, off that weird topic." I chuckled. "Shoot, it's been forty minutes!" "Oh, your mom wants you back before that?" "Yeah. Sorry, I have to go!!"

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