You're Mine - Part 1 of 7 (Amy POV)
You're Mine - Part 1 of 7 (Amy POV) lesbian stories

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A new lesbian series!!! Only 7 parts, it's limited! If you guys like it at the end then I'll do a season 2.

You're Mine - Part 1 of 7 (Amy POV)

My family loves cruises. Every year we go on the same company, and I always see so many kids there. But their all older than me or younger than me, so it was quite a surprise when a girl my age (about 13) was standing right next to me in the line to board.

She had really short light hair, like up till her ears. I couldn't exactly see her face because she was standing in front of me, but her outfit was pretty girly. A green summer dress, with Nike Airs. I really hoped I could be friends with her on this seven day cruise! We were just at the part where there is a net under the bridge so we dont fall into the water

when she fell backwards! I stumbled back a bit, and ended up catching her. Not gonna lie, she was pretty light. "Oh my gosh, sorry!" She jumped up and covered her face, I didn't get quite a good look. "It's alright!" I smiled and gestured ahead. My dad pushed me from behind. "Go on."

We exchanged awkward chuckles and entered the ship. I'd been on this one before, since I have been going on them since I was like 3. This ship, called Serenity, was a huge one. It had 14 decks in total, and was my favorite ship. The staff who gave me my ship card (to buy food and drinks and unlock the cabin) actually recognized me too!

I saw the girl who fell earlier looking at me. Maybe she wanted to be friends too! "Your cabin is ####, enjoy your stay!" The staff chirped. I smiled and nodded back, and ran to the lift area. "Slow down!" My mother shouted in Korean. I'm half Korean, from my mother's side, so I knew Korean.

The other half of me is from France, so I knew French too but my dad was more comfortable with English...he had a rough past but that made him who he is today. I ran despite my mother's wishes and quickly entered the cabin. Since we have been here alot, we are upgraded to suites. All. The. Time. And it's amazing!

We were on deck 10, where there are only 3 rooms, each of them GIGANTIC. I had a whole section to myself! WITH A DOOR FOR PRIVACY! I love this ship! "Mom, Dad, I'm gonna go explore the ship!" I said. "You've already been here?" My dad sounded confused but chuckled as I exited the door.

I was going to find that girl.

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