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Writing Prompt for @poeticworld

Title: 1960 was so messed up

I've never liked my grandfather.

I've never liked my grandfather. Of course, I've never met him. Since he died young, but his stories about him were terrifying.

Blowing up cars for the old Nazi warriors. Burning barn houses down in the farmlands. Sending random notes to people he didn't know that he was watching them.

Thank god he's not alive now. But there is a family picture of him in the living room. He even LOOKS creepy. So when I look at it walking past the couch and his eyes follow me, I FREAK OUT.


Well, the universe expected me to switch places. The next thing I knew is I was stuck in that stupid photo.

Hi, its day three of my being stuck in this image. My grandfather, now in my body, was making chaos around the house. He made it look like I have thrown everything out the fridge, yeeted my bed up my window, made me look like I pickpocketed candy...and who knows what he's doing on an invention called the internet.

I don't want to know. Anyway, I can't move in the image. I'm stuck in one position. Here, I'll show you!

See the guy in the corner? Left corner, next to the little girl and my weird aunt? <Yeah, this guy. I'm him and he's out in the open. The thing that startles me the most is that behind his back he was holding a match stick. Well, they said my aunt died in a fit.

I am honestly worried now. No saying till how long he'll commit a murder...unless I can become him first. I'm stuck. So how?

I've tried doing chants in my head, willing with all my might, but nothing works! I can follow people around with my eyes, but that's about it. My little sister freaked out when I tried to pop my eyes out. That's big brother for her.

BUT AT LEAST I WON'T GO AROUND HURTING PEOPLE!!! Except for maybe my grandfather...I decided once I came out I would burn the photo, and place a drawing there instead. Not another photo, who knows what would happen then.

And then I realized who he was going to murder.


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