Winter and Qibli fan fiction PART 2
Winter and Qibli fan fiction PART 2 fanfiction stories

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Okay I know it's weird but like...bored.

Winter and Qibli fan fiction PART 2

"Do I look like an Icewing now?" Qibli asked Winter.

Winter studied the white paint smeared all over Qibli's sand-coloured scales. "No." Winter sighed. And then he smirked. Winter picked out a jar of GLITTER and proceeded to throw it all over Qibli.

"Winter WHAT THE HECK" Qibli yelled. "now you look like an icewing." winter said mischievously.

"Okay, remember what Told you about Icewings. Now go." Winter told him. "aren't you coming?" Qibli asked. "You go ahead, I'll catch up to your lousy flying." Winter said.


"I do not have lousy flying. if you want to brood over your lost scavenger before coming, fine. But you won't catch up to me!!!" Qibli taunted winter.

"Heh." Winter sighed. "Meet you at the Icewing border. Don't forget to drink your water before you leave!"

"I've said it once and I will say it again. I AM NOT DRINKING YOUR SPIT thank you very much." And on that note, Qibli took off toward the Icewing border.

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