Winter and Qibli FAN FICCCC PART 1
Winter and Qibli FAN FICCCC PART 1 winterbli stories

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Um I just gave it a try forgive me if it is bad, and I know it's not like usual fan fiction but whatever

Winter and Qibli FAN FICCCC PART 1

Okay so someone requested me to do this so yeah, imma just do it. Some of it is based off other fan fiction, so sorry if it looks like I stole something.

"Winter!" Qibli yelled, his voice carrying through the sandy streets of Scorpion Den.

"Qibli?" Winter turned around to see an overexcited Sandwing jumping his way.

At this point Winter wasn't sure whether to run to him or to hide.

"There's the shining Icewing!" Qibli exclaimed, his talons stomping away.

"Shut up." Winter grumbled.

"I would hug you, but you're too cold-hearted." Qibli said. "Literally."

"I'm this close to slicing your face off." Winter said.

"Seriously, start threatening something other than the face! Maybe a stubbed claw for once."

Winter sighed, knowing it would be a long day with Qibli around.

"So you really did come!" Qibli sounded shocked.

"Of course I did!" Winter growled. "I'm an Icewing of honor.

"Hmm. Okay. Don't you feel a little thirsty? " Qibli asked. "There is an oasis a few dunes south."

"Have you ever heard about scavengers? They are so interesting!" Winter tried to change the subject from flying again.

"Okay, but do you want water?" Qilbi too, was trying to unsuccessfully change the subject.

"No need."

Winter pulled out a wooden bowl, and blew frost breath into it.

"I'm not drinking your spit!" Qibli exclaimed.

"Sit here and wait while I tell you where I have been." Winter started.

"THREE MOONS. I can do that!" Qibli said.

"Do what?" Winter asked.

"Be an Icewing?" Qibli sounded unsure.

"You mean you want to be an Icewing and walk into the palace and...oh no."

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