What fandoms do we have in common? (books)
What fandoms do we have in common? (books) books stories

mistexplorer74 In 63 wishes, kazuha is mine.
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Who else stans? Pls tell me on the last one I havent really found any one else who read it!!!!

What fandoms do we have in common? (books)

So if you like any of these books, or all, I tell you, we will be *instant friends*

Ok so-

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO) - Hilarious, read the chapter titles - THE MOVIES SUCK!!! (like the plot, the filming was amaze tho) - Dam.

Heroes of Olympus (HoO) - The diversity LEVELED UP!!!! - Funny, but i wish chapter titles were there - Just- I want Leo and Jason (😭) to have a "It's the _____ for me" battle. - Why did Percabeth go to tartarus for gods' sake.

Kane Chronicles - The DIVERSITY AGAIN!!! - Got me into egiptian mythology - I really want a duat locker tho. DoNt AsK whAT I WoUlD pUt iN iT tHoUgH - I need a cat like Bastet. Love it when they turn into Gods.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (MCGA) - DIVERSITY WAS EVEN BETTTTTTTER - LGBTQ COMUNITY IN THE HUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS - Love the sarcasm - Everyone is dead.

Trails of Apollo (ToA) - Meg. - LeStEr PaPaDupAlOs - them Emperors deserve to dieeeeeeee! - I DONT WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR SOME BUT WHY HE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Wings of Fire (WoF) - I wanna smack queen wasp in THE FACE! - Scratch that, slap the plant! - Also, ✨Lesbians✨ where ya think I got the name Willow from? heheheh - Also Moonbli for life Blue and cricket cute too I also wonder could moon have been polyamrous and it could have been Winter+Qibli+Moon ??????????????????????????????????

Spirit Animals (SA) - like honestly the moods from this are amazing - The wyrm. - Ok, but is it Cabeke or Conner and *i forgot her name* the one from the underground thingy - I THINK THEY DELETED THE GAME :(((((((((( I loved it, thats where I got my username from :'(, If you knew someone by this username when it was still a thing, about 3 years ago, IT WAS MEH

If you haven't read a few or any, THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

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