Welcome to the Club
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After what I saw next, I really wished I wasn't in the club.

Welcome to the Club

Where are they taking me? My head was still covered in that disgusting bag that Nick threw up in. I was trying not to breathe, mouth or nose, it was equally stinky. I heard a lock click.

Really? All I wanted was to join the 'cool kid' group, not get abducted by some drunk high schoolers. I remembered how this all started. Never had I thought I would end up here...

It was lunch, and I was basically not so popular, but well known. So I figured I would have a shot to join their group. I walked up to their table, timidly and nervously.

They were laughing. Probably at me.

"..hey!" I tried to sound cheerful.

"Ugh, um hi." Said Lindy, my crush. OMG MY CRUSH SPOKE TO MEEEH

Eventually, after lots of convincing I was invited to a party. To show "my skills" or whatever. Everyone was drinking and going crazy. Nick, one of the guys in the group, had thrown up.

And then they put the bag over my head and dragged me to the basement.

I took a deep breath. "Hello?"

Then someone took off the bag.

"Welcome to the Club."

After what I saw next

After what I saw next, I really wish wasn't in the club.

Part 2?

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