The Kidnapper
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My insides churned as I fell to the ground, one knee at a time. I gathered my breath and stood up. I turned around, and I was not expecting what I saw next.

The Kidnapper

Typical middle school dances usually don't include kidnapping. That day, it did.

The school had redecorated the gym in shades of blue, and the students were all dressed formally.

Few girls wore gloves that went out of fashion several decades ago, but some brave souls were trying to bring it back.

The boys and I were all dressed in shirts and formal pants, some boys wore tuxedos. They must have been suffering in the summer weather.

My date, Julliete, was wearing a long-sleeved blood-red dress, down till her shins. It faded at the bottom, turning a shade of amber, like her eyes.

It was laced at the edge, and the arms were a flurry of pink and violet silks that matched the pin in her bun. Homemade, she'd said.

Juliette suddenly went to the conductor of the band. Her dress rippled in the air, and all around her, pairs of two slow-danced.

The conductor and Juliette seemed to be having an argument, but as always, Juliette won.

She came back moments later. "*J'ai recommande une chanson. J'espere que vous aimez."

"*Si vous l'aimez, je l'aime, ma chere." I replied.

Then a jolly tune came from the school band. There was a steady beat at the center of all the brass noises.

The drummers kept the beat going and going, while the woodwinds and brass instruments filled the sky with music.

As for the people, they were no longer identified as individual beings, just splashes of colour and everyone dancing and mingling like old chums that haven't met in years.

Hand in hand, skirts twirling and heels clacking. The noise was so loud it could have woken the dead. The trombone was by far the loudest, or maybe that was because I was dancing nearer to them.

The trumpets hooted and flutes whistled and drums thumped. Everything was so unknown yet so natural, like everyone had the same beat drumming in their hearts.

By the end of the song, everyone was exhausted, but merry. I told my buddies I needed some air, and also told Juliette, who seemed a bit concerned with me.

Turns out I should have been the one who was worried. I exited the school gym to go to the water fountain. The pegs for school bags were lined up, one after another, but there were no bags.

Classroom doors lined up next to each other, turned over desks and chairs filling the deserted rooms.

I heard a trickle of water, opposite the way I was going, and I thought that was the water fountain, so I changed route.

The water sound got fainter, so I just thought it was a misconception, and turned the way I knew to the water fountain. But wait-I had just crossed that room, the room with a candle.

Why was there a candle? I tip-toed inside, and saw nothing but a bin. The custodians must be cleaning here.

I hurried back to the gym, not wanting to miss any more of the dance. But then I noticed some muddy footsteps.

The feet which had walked them were huge, and I didn't know anyone of that shoe size, did I? I paused, and then, as I crouched down, I realised it wasn't just mud.

There was something reddish that glinted in the dimming lights. They were bloody footsteps. A low growl came from in front of me. Scared, I ran the other way.

I was not going to do what the other people in stories did. But my ears failed me, and the growling only got louder, the footsteps fresher.

Scared, I tried to run away, but the sound haunted all the corridors. I just focused on the way that would get me to the gym.

I sprinted, but I'm not much of a sprinter, and formal clothes didn't help.

"Hallo?" I cried. "*Montre toi!"

Bad move. The growling got lower, and closer, judging by its volume. It was from the left and right, all over.

I ran one way, swinging my arms around as if to push anyone out of the way, but there was no one. I'd lost track of where I was. All the hallways look the same.

I turned my head backwards and ran forwards. I was sure the growling...thing...whatever it was was following me. I needed to get back to the gym, or run the the pol-

Like the idiot I was, I'd run into a wall. I stumbled backwards, clutching my head.

"Ow!" I exclaimed.

My insides churned as I fell to the ground, one knee at a time. I gathered my breath and stood up. I turned around, and I was not expecting what I saw next.

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