The One I Liked
The One I Liked love stories

mistexplorer74 In 87 wishes, kazuha is mine
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Ah the struggle of lesbians and bisexuals and pansexuals

The One I Liked

so this basically about a real life story between me and this other girl...who I dont think over yet.

At first Friends Smile Wave

Then Hug maybe hold her hand during bird box

Then the next year dancing in the locker rooms then one day came the slap

"If someone was like gay and told me I would accept them but if they said they had a crush on"

I died that day. I said same. We parted ways.

Then came the school trip We roomed She was cold We huddled together I like to call it cuddle

Then parted ways Forever She's gone her smile Her wave

I miss it all I want it back But even if I did I can't

She's straight. The struggle of fellow LGBT people...

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