"The New Kid" Part 2
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Forgive the pictures.

"The New Kid" Part 2

Now that i was in the school, i needed to find where my building was. There were 5 buildings, but i ddint know which was which. So i needed to talk.

A girl was just in front of me, so I took of my headphones and started walking next to her.

"Hey, do you know which building is the middle school?" I asked.

"Oh hi! Are you new here?" She replied.

I almost said no.

"Yeah." I didn't kniw wether I said my name or not. Commaful chatting is a LOT more easier.

"Cool, I'm Eleanor." (I'm not putting desc because I want imagination to run free) luckily this girl did not have a tight and light European accent (okay maybe not totally).

"I'm (not my real name) Tiffany." I said.

Ok so basically tiffany because in my friend group we have our real names, band symbol/names and sassy names. That be my sassy name.

My symbol is 74 in a circle, so that's why it's mistexplorer74.

"Right. The middle school is right around the corner. Which grade are you in?" She continued talking.

"Uh, 8. Gosh it feels weird saying that." I scrunched my eyebrows.

"Heh. True enough." She said.

"Eleanor!" Another girl called, with the European accent. I give up on pictures

"Hey, Vanessa!" Eleanor cried. "Missed ya."

And then they walked like nothing happened.

"You're the new girl?" Vanessa, i supposed said.

"Yeah, names Tiffany." I said.

"Vanessa." She nodded back.

We talked and found out the usual about each other. They were also in 8th grade.

"I do have one question. How do the lockers work?" I asked them.

"Like...lockers?" Vanessa said slowly.

"No i mean do you need a combination lock, or is it like a code, or a biometrics one that slams in your face?" I asked.

"Uh...combination." Eleanor said.

I could already see I was annoying them.

"Guys!" A new voice called. Ah finally a normal accent.

She saw me and we exchanged names. Her name was Mara.

"So I have strings first, I'll meet you at break?" She called, skipping a beat and she walked. We waved and she left.

"What's your first class?" Vanessa asked me.

"I too would honestly love to know." I said. Now I really give up on pics

"Oh right you need to make a school account. Here, the office is this way." Eleanor led me to an office.

I waved and sat down.

The lady behind the desk pushed me a paper copy of my schedule and also my locker number.

I had a file for things like this that i needed to revise or study in my bag so it wouldn't get folded and crumpled. I slipped them in and wound my way around.

People looked at me but i just smiled and waved back to some people. I guess people here were shy.

"Hey there!" A new voice, yet again, said from behind me.

I jumped. " Oh gosh you startled me."

I turned around and another girl stood before me.

"I'm Sophie." She said.

"Ph or f?" I asked.

"Ph." She said.

"(Not true) that's my middle name! Though my first name is Tiffany." I replied.

"Nice to meet you. Need help finding your class?" She said.

I looked around, in the end turning back to her with my palms together. "Yes please."

"Alright. What's the number?"


"Not my class-wait you are in drama?" She paused.

"Yeah. You?" I asked.

"Oh, i have math first. But you don't look drama-ish."

"Trust me, i make a very good Lily Potter. I actually wanted to do dancing but...no option for that here. I figured drama was close." I replied.

"Ah." She stopped, and checked a clock.

"There are 10 minutes to class, and I have to go, so you want to sit with us at lunch?" She asked a bit hurriedly.

"Uhm yeah sure!" I said.

She left and I nodded around at my locker and checked out who would be next to me.

There were a group of guys to my right and a group of girls with on guys trying to squeeze his backpack into a bottom locker between the legs.

I sighed. Maybe this new school was not so brilliant. I dumped my bag in my locker, taking what I think are essentials for each class no matter what. I took my pencilcase.

And spare notebook, just in case we need one and they dont give us.

The group of girls came over to me.

The guys were looking at this group of girls. I suspected they were the popular ones. So that meant I have to escape them at all costs.

Not that they were bad people, it just means all the drama and expectations will be here.

"Hello. You new?" The ringleader, i suppose asked.

"Yeah I am." I said.

"I'm Amanda." She said.

"I'm Tiffany." I said.

"I have drama first. Do you?"

"Yeah." I tried to be as uninteresting as possible.

"Oh. I'll walk you there." She said.

"Thanks." I replied. In my head I added, "for the next 1 foot it takes to enter a door."

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