The Cult part 2
The Cult part 2 scifi stories

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What will Mason's fate be as the Jury ponders over his discoveries?

The Cult part 2

The Jury is a board of people that judge the people in the Hub based on the discoveries they make. Consisting of 5 judges, they decide if the news should be public.

I'm guessing no to this particular matter. You have to take law school for 20 years to become a Jury member, so no one I know wants to do it.

Except Madeline. I will never understand her, nor understand how she understands me.

"Speak." Said the withering court member.

The Jury was full of old people who I'm pretty sure have lost limbs for being old. They are all bald, including the women, and if there's hair it might as well be snow.

The dress code is a dark blue robe that looks like a nightgown and a graduation hat. Why? I have no idea, and have no desire to learn why.

Anyway, there we stood. I explained to them what happened, with my sisters continuing from when I woke up and what I looked like during my TimeVisit.

And I was correct.

"No, no, no!" Said a fat judge at the center of the table. I'm sure I should remember his name, but whenever I think about it it sounds like the sound of grease squelching.

"I unpretentiously disagree." Said the lady on the far right. The Jury usually uses big words that make no sense to us.

And I'm pretty sure her name is Phart, though I think you know why I prefer not to say it.

"Is it true what they say about him?" Said the man next to Grease Squelching. I think his name is Ruthford. "He's dead?"

Before I could answer, Phart jumped in. "Yes! I saw him die!"

"No, there are ways to come back!" Grease Squelching argued.

"But look at all the overabundant facts!" Said the woman on Rutherford's side.

"Let the boy speak." An authoritative voice sounded. The man on Grease Squelching's left was speaking.

"Well, seems like he did die-" I started.

"I told you!" Phart interected.

"And he came back with...the unspoken way." I explained.

"NO!" Grease Squelching rivaled. "It is not allowed!"

"Yes, Sloisharft. It is possible. Not everyone abides by your law." Said the man. And he used his name. Who names anyone that?

"I hereby decree..." The man continued.

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