The 2020 life – Jumanji version
The 2020 life – Jumanji version memes stories

mistexplorer74 In 68 wishes, kazuha is mine.
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lol I was bored

The 2020 life – Jumanji version

2020! The year of death! Okay let's start...

when trump and Iran nearly went to war

Covid 19 vs. the world. I think you know who is who.

in quarantine be like same bro!

wait it gets better!

when no one comes up with a vaccine

when on zoom

halfway through quarantine

me releasing my energy at home

me when I wake up

when you find commaful

how you talk to people after quarantine

coming back to school be like

when you leave your house

when you have a breakdown

seeing a person in a hazmat suit and figuring out how to infect them

all the time in quarantine

when you think you are infected

when we laugh at Covid 19 jokes

when you tell your little kids about 2020

the whole 2020


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