Sugar-coated words
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mistexplorer74 In 63 wishes, kazuha is mine.
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I have learned to hate the sweet part.

Sugar-coated words

I don't need your sugar-coated words.

After I bite into the sweet, I taste your poison

Deep and thick, it churns in my mouth.

I choke on your sugar-coated words.

They sicken me, how can you say things like that so often?

I wish I didn't have to bite the sweet first.

As your words travel from your mouth to mine, slowly get me to say it.

You don't understand the pain it put me through

to hear your stupid, suffocating lies.

It bedazzles me how little you care.

You showed me how strong I could be, to stand the poison.

You gave it to me so much.

That vile, sickening poison of lies.

I drank it, obliging. Suppressing myself, because your words told me so.

If only you can know...

I spit the sweet part out. I don't need a layer of protection.

Especially your protection.

Frick your sugar-coated words.

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