School just ended...
School just ended... happy stories

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And I'm staying on Commaful!

School just ended...

And I'm staying on Commaful! So to celebrate, I want to leave a little goodbye note from people from my school who might be reading this. So. Here we go.

This school has been my home for 8 years! And I can't believe I might be going somewhere else...

I will always be a tiger in my heart! I love the school, it's community and and everything, and I will miss it will all my heart.

I will parade around with the school's shirts and icons/ logos in my other school without even feeling bad. Most of you don't know I am leaving. And that's okay. (why do these look like our high school lockers????)

You know now, or if you are not reading this you will one month into school. But I miss the classes, and maybe I will see you at a MUN zoom in the future. So.

Thank you for giving me a childhood!!!

And for all of commaful, thank you for giving me a place where I can share my stories, poems, and writing.

I have never felt happier!!!

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