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You think she would be normal...

"Same thing"

Me and George were by the swing set in the playground, where this all started, years ago. Sitting in two swings next to each other.

The ground hadn't been cleaned, and the kindergarten classrooms just by it were deadly silent, not like they were 20 years ago. It was starting to snow, as winter liked to do. We didn't speak.

There wasn't much to talk about.

"Remember the day?" George said suddenly, shocking me a little that he would speak.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Remember how you were sitting right there, in that chair and I was here-" George was saying, but I cut him off.

"Can we not do this?" I said.

"No, we are going to do this. We are going to take you down memory lane, Grace." He persisted.

Sometimes I hate my brother.

"And a kid came up." I growled.

"Describe him." He said.

"This isn't fair, you saw him too!" I argued.

He lowered his gaze. "Describe him."

"...He was the most mean--"

"I said describe him, not his attitude."

"FINE. He had dark messy brown hair, and a sweet smile that did not match his personality. He looked...cute."

"That's it, let it out."

But I didn't hear him. When my brother said we were taking a trip down memory lane, he meant taking a trip down memory lane. Literally.

My head flew back threw my memories, and I finally found it.

The same cute kid came up to me.

"You look ugly. That means I hate you." He said.

"Hey! Thats not a nice thing to say!" My brother came up from my side.

"But she is ugly. She two colors in her eyes!" He was arguing with my brother, but I didn't hear much.

I did have 2 colors in my eyes. One eye was blue, the other was green. I was usually able to hide it, but not this time. We were just kids, and what that boy said really hurt.

So I ran, ran and ran into the woods, where I became...me.

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