Photography and poems part 4
Photography and poems part 4 poem stories

mistexplorer74 In 87 wishes, kazuha is mine
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I do like photography, sip it with poems that also suck.

Photography and poems part 4

by mistexplorer74

I know I haven't posted these so much but like why not Also if you read the WOF fanfic there's a part 2 coming out today, and a horror story tomorrow!

Its darkest before the dawn Or at least that s what they say When you and up being someone's pawn

Crystal clear If only souls Could ever be that dear

Springing up Those clever little fishes They have a simple life

You don't see the big picture they say. Of I course I do Since I've been there too

Climb up the stairs And leave me behind I Dare You

Welcome it shouts But the knife is behind his back

So that's all I have for today, sorry bout it being so short, but I've told you before the phone is so hard to type in. Anyway. Baiii

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