Poems and Pictures (That I took)
Poems and Pictures (That I took) poem stories

mistexplorer74 "life is not daijoubu" - peepaw
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Another round of poems. Don't make me type on my phone.

Poems and Pictures (That I took)

Just trying to push through All the stereotypes All the hate To emerge out A butterfly

Oh the time passes And with that it grows Up and up and above your head Before anybody knows

Inside a crack Is where the change begins Always you will find the poison Seeping in

The setting sun Reflects the image But it is up to you To choose the right one

The gates of hell are always open You just are blind Yes that is a silhouette of me in a rare hairstyle

Okay I know they are just 5 pics if you don't count the title page, but phones are hard!!! Peace out

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