More pics!!! That I took...
More pics!!! That I took... picture stories

mistexplorer74 In 63 wishes, kazuha is mine.
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Just some pictures I thought you might wanna check out...

More pics!!! That I took...

So I was going through my gallery...And I realised I was pretty passionate about photography so here you go!

This was under a bridge in a year ago.

I honestly love this pic Idk why

Welcome to Joe Marino...

This Is sausage to me.

Looking off from a CRUIIIISE

I nearly dropped my phone while takinh this Say hello to the Loch Ness monster

ARCTIC TURN why is that a tiny bit Wings of Fire related.....hmmm


Ze blu lagoooooon.

Ok that is it for now. Also my background on my profile page is a pic I took, comment if I should do part two cause I have like 100 of these kinda pics. All backgrounds on this are my pics.

Also could you comment if you want me to write a poem for each one? Okbaiiiii

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