Lesbian Story Part 11
Lesbian Story Part 11 lesbian stories

mistexplorer74 UDON OR PASTA??? I NEED ANSWERS
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You thought they were safe? HA! Where did you get that idea?

Lesbian Story Part 11

"I'm scared." I gasped.

Mary hugged me tight. "It's going to be okay."

No, no it's not. Flashes of my brothers hurting me went through my head, all the insults and the hate piercing at my consciousness. The only thing keeping me in the moment was Mary.

In her arms I was safe, I knew. Soon I calmed down, Mary whispering sweet nothings in my ear, kissing my forehead.

The city was still dark, with occasional flashes of lightning striking nearby buildings.

"Why is the city dark for so long?" I asked.

"I dunno. Maybe the lightning struck the main power of the city." Mary said.

She got up and I followed her out into the corridor. Other girls were coming out of their rooms too. I saw Desiree making her way towards us.

"What happened to the city?" She asked us.

I picked up my phone and turned on the flashlight. "I don't know. Apparently all power went out."

Everyone was murmuring. (this came up when I searched gossip. Enjoy.)

Then somebody screamed.

"What's wrong?" Mary came ahead, dragging me along. A girl was having a panic attack. "You scared of the lightning?"

"N-no." The girl stammered. "Something much worse is going to happen." She was still gasping for air. "I was reading about this problem yesterday, but there's no way to solve it!"

"Solve what?" I asked.

Thunder roared over the skies and I jumped back.

"T-the oil reserve of the city." She gasped. Oh, now I remember, her name was Sarah.

"I-its going to explode in a few h-hours!"

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